Ohio Student Disclosure Course

A guide to implementation in your school


Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code Section 3332-1-09, effective January 1, 2017, all Ohio students enrolling in a registered Ohio career college or school will be required to complete the online Ohio Student Disclosure Course. See here for full text of the code.


Where will school purchases buy invitation codes and manage the course?

Administrators and school representatives managing the Ohio student disclosure information course will need to have an account in https://oh.edvera.com. School directors or staff with the appropriate account in Edvera should have access on their EDvera dashboard. If you do not have access, and need it please message support with your name, email address, and school and an account will be created for you. Please note – those with strictly the “Student Disclosure” access will not be able to access any documents or sensitive information in EDvera. 


*If your school still has vouchers that were purchased in the old site please use all of these vouchers prior to starting in the new system. No refunds will be issued for unused vouchers in the old site. 


Will students still complete the student disclosure form?

No. The online Student Disclosure Course is replacing the paper student disclosure form which will no longer be required after January 1, 2017. By taking this 5 minute course, students will be informed of all state required disclosures and information. They’ll attest to understanding the material electronically, and won’t have to sign a paper form.


How will students take the course?

Schools can purchase invitation codes to distribute to students via email, in person, or in an orientation settling. Note, students should not be paying for this course.


Do I need to print the Verification Page/Certificate for Student files?

As this is an online course and the state has access to these records, schools do not need to print this information. If you choose to have this information however, the students “Verification Page” can be printed.


Is there a cost for the course?

Yes. In accordance with OAC 3332-1-22.1, the cost assessed for the online student disclosure course will be $25.


Below are the links to the old and new site for students. The old site can be used while in transition. 


Students Link for old voucher system Students Link to the new student disclosure system

Instructions for Schools

Watch this brief video to learn how a school representative can buy and distribute invitations to students.


School representatives will now access the Ohio student disclosure site by logging in directly to oh.edvera.com.  If you do not have a login to this site please contact support with your email and name, and an account will be created for you. Once logged in, there will be a link on the dashboard to the site.



School Purchaser Instruction Video



Instructions for Students

Your school should have purchased an invitation for you to complete the course. Once you have the code, navigate to the following site Ohio Student Disclosure Course and enter your invitation code. A video will begin playing soon after. Once you have finished the video, then you’ll complete an electronic acknowledgment. That’s it! 


An email with a link to the information specific to your invitation code will be emailed to you upon completion. 


Please also note that any student who previously purchased this course with their own money is entitled to a refund. Students should contact the support tab below with information regarding their enrollment and payment to receive a full refund.  



When do I have to complete this?

This course should be completed before the first day of class.

Is an Email required?

Yes, students must use a unique email address to register for this course. Students will receive their code via email to return to the course.

What if I don't have a credit card to pay?

Please contact the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools:
Phone: (614) 466-2752
Fax: (614) 466-2219
Toll Free (877) 275-4219
E-mail : bpsr@scr.state.oh.us

How long is an invitation code valid?

An invitation code is valid through one year of its purchase date.

What if the student doesn't not show up for class after viewing the video?

As the administrator accessing the course site you can delete a student from your schools listing and reassign that invitation code to another student. 

Can I get a refund?

If a refund is needed please contact the support tab with information regarding the refund.

When do students need to take this course?

Students must complete the course and attest to having seen and understood the information before the student begins their program.

Can I just show the video at orientation?

Yes, an individual or group orientation video screening can be done. By selecting the “Orientation” view on the website a video exists to show the information course in a group setting to students. Once the video has concluded school staff can begin entering the students names that have viewed the video.

Does the school need to pay for this course?

Yes, schools must pay for the course directly. Students cannot be required to pay for the course in accordance with Ohio Revised Code section 3332.071.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password please use the “Forgot your password?” link found on the login screen at oh.edvera.com. This link will send you an email to reset your password.

How can students rewatch the course?

Students can rewatch the course by navigating to https://ohstudentdisclosure.edvera.com/ and entering their invitation code. They should also have been emailed a link with their invitation code after completion of the course. 

What if I completed the information course for one school, but have since started at a new school?

The new school you are attending will need to provide a new code to the student as each course is associated with the school in which the student is attending. 

How do I see which students have taken the course?

Visit the “Students” tab on the webpage to view all students that have completed.

What's the full text of the relevant Ohio Administrative Code?

3332-1-09 Student enrollment policies and practices.

(C)  Prior to starting a program, all potential students enrolled in an Ohio school must review and complete the state board of career colleges and schools online student disclosure course as required by the board. The cost of the disclosure course shall not exceed twenty-five dollars per student for any new student who enrolls in a registered Ohio school and for whom the school keeps any portion of the tuition or registration fee. Schools that do not require that students pay tuition and fees may request a waiver of the course fee.

Ohio Revised Code Sec. 3332.071: A college or school that holds a certificate of registration under this chapter shall pay any fee required by the state board of career colleges and schools for a new student consumer information course fee. No college or school shall charge a student for the fee paid under this section, either directly or through any increase in fees or tuition charged to a student to pay the disclosure course fee.


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